6 Reasons Why Dogs Growl


If you try to focus only on stopping the growling without understanding the cause of why the dog is growling in the first place, there is a risk that the training might not go well and the dog might end up growling even more. First, it’s important to identify the reason why the dog is growling and to understand your beloved dog’s feelings.

Why Do Dogs Bark? 5 Possible Reasons

Dogs barking or growling is an action stemming from instinct.

The reasons for growling include being scared or wary of something, feeling pain or disgust, and being excited while playing. In most cases, growling serves as a warning to convey negative emotions, so there’s a possibility of being bitten if you approach forcefully.

In this way, dogs growl for various reasons, but merely scolding them for growling won’t lead to any resolution. It’s important to understand why the dog has growled, and to discern a solution that corresponds to that reason.

Because I’m Scared and Intimidating

Sometimes, when feeling scared and fearful of something, there are moments when a growling sound is emitted. When a dog experiences fear, its ears droop down and its tail wraps between its legs, hiding beneath its body.

While exhibiting such behavior and growling, the dog is in a state of feeling fear and is issuing a warning to protect itself. Additionally, there are times when this also includes the meaning of “If you go any further, I will attack!”

Because I Thought They Would Take My Food and Toys

When it seems like someone might take away my favorite toy, there are times when I get angry and growl in order to prevent it from being taken. I might even bite if the person trying to take it persists. This behavior stems from a dog’s instinct to protect its valued possessions.

I Want To Show That I Am Superior

When the ears are perked up and the fur is raised while growling, it indicates that the individual is becoming assertive and attempting to intimidate. It might be an appeal of superiority on their part. Dogs are animals that used to live in groups, following the leader’s instructions within the pack. If a dog perceives itself as being in a dominant position compared to its owner, it is believed to adopt an intimidating stance and show signs of aggression.

I Want To Protect My Friends and Children

When dogs are playing with each other or with their owners, there are times when they might growl. However, this doesn’t mean they’re fighting; it’s simply an extension of play that leads them to make sounds unintentionally. It might be easier to understand if we think of it as similar to human exclamations like “Hey!” or “Yah!”

How To Fix Howling Caused by Fear


If You’re Scared by the Sound, Let Them Remember That It’s Not Scary

When growling out of fear, it’s crucial to comprehend the cause and become accustomed to not succumbing to that fear. For example, if the noise of passing cars induces fear, initiate by strolling along a road with fewer cars passing by. As a car approaches, refrain from using phrases like “It’s okay” or “It’s not scary” in an attempt to offer comfort. Surprisingly, this approach could lead to an unintended outcome, causing them to grow more anxious and afraid. They might think, “They’re attempting to soothe themselves, so cars must truly be terrifying…” Instead, by the owner displaying nonchalance towards the cars and exuding a confident demeanor, a sense of reassurance can be conveyed. In essence, convey the message that, “In reality, cars might not be something to fear,” thus instilling a sense of tranquility within them.

If You Don’t Like Cleaning, Take Time To Get Used to It.

There is a dog that dislikes nail clipping and ear cleaning, and it growls. In such cases, it’s important not to rush and gradually accustom the dog. Forcing grooming on a dog that is averse to it can potentially damage the trust between the owner and the dog, and there’s a risk of both getting injured. Instead of trying to groom forcibly, let’s gradually accustom the dog to the point where it’s comfortable being touched on any part of its body.

Acquire Social Skills if You Have a Chatty Personality

When a dog growls at people or other dogs passing by during walks, it’s often because they didn’t develop socialization skills when they were puppies. Dogs become sociable if they experience various sounds and things during their early days. However, if they’ve spent a long time unsold in a pet shop or have been overly protected and raised indoors like a sheltered child, they can become afraid of many things.

When getting a young puppy, it’s a good idea to expose them to environments where they can get used to things like car noises, bicycles passing by, and crowded places until they’re around six months old.

If you adopt an adult dog from a rescue, they might not have had much experience with walks during their puppy days, and they might growl in such situations. In this case, start by practicing short walks and help them understand that the outside isn’t a scary place.

If your dog seems like they’re about to growl, stop and make them sit. If they calm down and don’t growl, praise them a lot. By repeating this process, your dog will come to trust you, understand that the outside isn’t frightening, and eventually stop growling.

How To Fix Howling When You Think Your Food or Toys Are Taken


Help People Understand That Humans Are Higher Than Dogs

There is a dog that growls when the owner tries to touch the dish or when they try to retrieve a toy. This is an expression of the fact that the master-pet relationship between the owner and the dog has not been established. Before the growling worsens, let’s train the dog to do basic commands like “wait” and “sit.”

How To Fix Growling To Show That You Have the Upper Hand


If You Pick It Up and It Barks at Other Dogs, Don’t Pick It Up

There are dogs that growl at other dogs or people when being held, but this is because they misunderstand the situation, thinking, “I’m superior!” due to the fact that being held raises their field of vision. The simple solution to this is to avoid picking them up. By not elevating the dog higher than other people, we can prevent them from misunderstanding the hierarchy.

Measures To Prevent People and Dogs From Turning Against People and Dogs in Daily Training

In the case of small dogs, they may mistakenly believe that they are important and powerful in order to receive affection from everyone, and they may bravely confront people and larger dogs. Of course, small dogs cannot defeat large dogs, and it is very dangerous for them to approach humans, especially babies who are weaker than dogs.

If your dog starts growling at the owner, others, or other dogs, it’s important to reconsider the hierarchy between the owner and the dog. When giving toys, it becomes important to train them to “wait” and to calmly hand over the item they are holding when you say “let go.”

How To Fix Groaning When Protecting Friends and Children


Act so That the Customer Understands That It Is Not Bad

Dogs may growl in order to protect their offspring or companions. When living with humans, they growl because they’re trying to protect their beloved owner. While it’s cute that they’re trying to protect themselves, you probably want to prevent them from growling at visitors. If you can get assistance from friends or family members who live separately, you can show the dog interacting amiably and happily with guests. This way, the dog will learn that “this person is not bad.” However, if the owner feels aversion towards the guests, the dog will sense the emotions and may growl to protect the family. Therefore, when dealing with situations like salespeople, it’s recommended to make sure the dog doesn’t come to the entrance if possible, as this can help prevent such behavior.

How To Fix When Play Escalates and Roars


No Problem Let It Cool Down

The growling that occurs when dogs are playing with each other or with their owners is like a spontaneous vocalization. It’s a sound that comes out when they are fully engrossed in play, so it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re trying to attack. It’s not a sign of fear either, so there’s no need to stop it.

However, because they are in a highly excited state, there might be times when they accidentally nip at their owner’s hand even though they don’t mean any harm. If they start growling, it’s a good idea to pause the play for a moment, let them cool down, and then resume playing.

How To Fix if It Growls at Night

If You’re Worried About the Darkness, I’ll Play With You Until You Get Tired

If it’s a timid-natured dog, there are times when it feels uneasy in the darkness of the night. Additionally, dogs with keen hearing might hear sounds that are inaudible to humans, causing them to growl out of fear. To alleviate this anxiety, it’s a good idea to play with the dog during the times it becomes anxious, diverting its attention. Providing a sense of security by being close and giving attention until it becomes tired and sleepy will allow it to sleep peacefully without growling.

If You Feel Hungry, Review Your Lifestyle

For a hungry dog that growls in the middle of the night, it is important to establish a regular mealtime. Just like humans, dogs also need to have a consistent daily rhythm, so it’s a good idea to determine the mealtime and portion and stick to it. If you’re providing the correct portion, you can keep the daily amount of food unchanged, but instead, feed the dog small amounts multiple times a day. Creating an environment where they can eat frequently can be effective.

If You Want To Pamper Me, I’ll Take Care of You in Moderation

There are times when I whimper due to the feeling of being left alone for a long time without getting to play or have company. If in the past, when I whimpered, my desires were fulfilled, I might have learned that if I whimper, my owner will fulfill my requests. While it’s effective to ignore me when I whimper and teach me that “there’s no benefit in whimpering,” first, let’s make sure to provide me with companionship so that I don’t experience stress.

When You Growl in Pain, You Might Be Sick

I have been informing you that there are various reasons why a dog growls, but the owner needs to understand this and provide training according to the reasons. However, if the dog is crouching and growling in pain, there is a possibility that it could be due to illness or injury. In this case, it’s advisable to promptly consult an animal hospital.

Find Out Why Your Dog Is Barking and Fix It


The reason your beloved dog growls is because they have negative emotions towards some kind of cause. There are times when they might be frightened, and there are times when they might be angry. First and foremost, the owner should understand what their dog is growling at. While it may take time to improve this growling habit, by consistently applying the right approach, it should eventually get better. So, let’s keep going without giving up and work towards improvement.