Key Tips for Choosing a Trimming Salon

When selecting a trimming salon, criteria such as cost, location convenience, haircut quality, and product availability should be considered. Grooming is often an uncomfortable experience for dogs, sometimes leading to stress. Thus, it’s important to choose the most suitable groomer and salon for the dog’s well-being.

The Significance of Grooming


An increasing number of pet owners are opting for DIY grooming tasks like shampooing and nail clipping. Some even invest in professional tools for at-home grooming. However, professional grooming is not merely a luxury or fashion statement. It plays a pivotal role in both health maintenance and behavioral training for dogs. Recognizing the importance of grooming helps pet owners understand that regular salon visits are essential.

More Than Aesthetic Appeal

Grooming serves purposes beyond aesthetics, offering:

  • Socialization training for dogs
  • Early disease detection and skin condition checks by experts
  • Effective removal of shed fur and other benefits.

For dogs, the period up to one year of age is a critical socialization phase. Most pet owners already recognize the importance of exposing the dog to various environments and social situations to prevent behavioral issues in the future.

During this phase, the dog’s body is small and the coat undeveloped, making at-home grooming tasks easier. Although at-home grooming contributes to training, using a professional salon adds another layer to the dog’s education.

Specifically, dogs can learn to:

  • Interact positively with individuals other than the owner
  • Avoid aggressive or threatening behaviors
  • Remain composed even in the presence of other dogs
  • These social skills are invaluable and develop through exposure from a young age.

Dogs often visit pet hotels, animal hospitals, and meet people beyond their immediate family, requiring a wide range of social skills. Acquiring these experiences helps mitigate risky behaviors and undue stress in various scenarios.

Additionally, grooming salons utilize large dryers designed to reach the coat’s base, aiding in skin condition assessments. Home drying methods rarely expose the skin effectively for such evaluations, reinforcing the benefits of salon grooming.

Particularly during shedding seasons, residual fur can obstruct a thorough skin examination. Utilizing a grooming salon ensures effective removal of shed fur, enabling easier skin inspection, improved skin breathability, and better metabolic rates.

Combining regular at-home grooming with salon visits, particularly during shedding seasons, ensures a holistic approach to health management for dogs.

Factors to Consider When Selecting a Trimming Salon


Trimming salons often have individual owners, leading to variations in pricing and services across different establishments. Skill level and artistic interpretation also differ. This guide aims to provide criteria for selecting a trimming salon that ensures the safe and high-quality grooming of a cherished canine.

Is the Establishment Registered for Animal Handling?

In Japan, the Animal Welfare Act necessitates that anyone planning to open a pet grooming salon obtain authorization from the local government, even for small-scale operations based in homes.

Upon receiving authorization, establishments must visibly display the permit and include this information in all forms of advertisement, including websites and flyers. Thus, prior to utilizing a grooming salon, confirming this regulatory compliance is essential.

Does the Salon Feature Transparent Walls?

Some salons have glass walls, enabling visibility into the grooming area, while others use curtains or walls to obstruct the view.

Some groomers argue that limiting visibility helps to keep dogs calm and secure during grooming. However, many pet owners prefer salons with transparent walls for better visibility.

Recognizing these variations may only happen upon a salon visit. Therefore, an initial visit for preview purposes is recommended for first-time users.

Is Personalized Consultation Available?

Certain salons adhere to specific breed-based grooming styles, such as for Shih Tzus, Yorkshire Terriers, and Schnauzers, without consulting the owner’s preferences.

While efficient, this one-size-fits-all approach may not suit every dog. Individual dogs may have unique needs or preferences, whether it’s to conceal excess weight, manage hormone-related fur shedding, maintain longer fur, or simplify daily care.

For this reason, choosing a salon with groomers who offer personalized recommendations based on detailed owner input is vital.

Are Pricing Details Transparent?

The pricing models among trimming salons can differ substantially. Unlike human beauty salons, where a basic haircut and shampoo package is universally offered, the inclusions in grooming services vary.

For example, a Shampoo Course priced at 3,000 yen may include just a shampoo at one shop, but comprehensive care including nail trimming, ear cleaning, and paw trimming at another.

It is important to scrutinize the treatments and their respective prices before choosing a salon. Additionally, the duration for each service and pickup timings may vary, so these factors should be clarified.

Different shops may have diverse operational styles, such as collective pickup times or immediate pickups post-grooming. Knowing this beforehand can help choose a salon that aligns with one’s preferences.



Trimming services offer more than aesthetic appeal for a dog; they also present opportunities for health management and early illness detection. These services can be valuable when paired with regular home care.