What Is the Himalayan Cat? Its Personality, How to Keep It, and Its Price?

Do you have knowledge about the Himalayan cat? This breed of cat is known for its luxurious long fur and stunning blue eyes, giving it a graceful appearance. The Himalayan cat is a popular breed worldwide and is often compared to the Persian and Siamese breeds. In this article, we will provide an overview of important information for those interested in the Himalayan cat, including its characteristics, personality, care requirements, and cost.

✨What are the Characteristics of the Himalayan Cat?

Let’s start by discussing the external features of the Himalayan cat.

❂ Size of the Himalayan Cat

The size of the Himalayan cat may vary slightly between males and females, but on average it weighs between 4 to 5 kilograms.

There are also smaller Himalayans that weigh about 3 kilograms, but they can reach up to 6 kilograms as they mature. Usually, the weight is around 4 kilograms, making it easy to handle and maintain as an indoor cat.

❂ Chubby?… Actually, Muscular

Upon seeing a Himalayan cat, you may have the impression that it is chubby. Its body has a round shape, and its face is also round. Additionally, its legs are short and covered in fluffy hair, further enhancing the chubby appearance.

However, the Himalayan cat is actually muscular with strong muscles.

❂ Adorable Round Face

The American Himalayan has an adorable round head and face with round eyes and a short, flat nose. It exudes a charming and sophisticated aura, and its cute expression is sure to make you want to cuddle it.

❂ Fluffy and Lustrous Long Hair

If you are looking for a cat with fluffy hair that you can pet, the American Himalayan will fulfill your wishes. This long-haired breed is covered in fluffy fur all over its face, neck, body, and tail. It has a voluminous and stunning coat that feels soft and fluffy to the touch.

❂ The Quiet American Himalayan

The American Himalayan has a quiet personality and meows only rarely. Even when it does meow, its voice is gentle and soft. This breed is perfect for apartment or condo living.

❂ Two Different Facial Features

The American Himalayan has two distinct facial features. The first is the doll-faced type, which is popular in America. This type has a face shape similar to a traditional cat, with a straight nose bridge and a cute expression.

The other type is the extreme face, which is known for its flattened nose. This type is more commonly seen abroad. Both types of American Himalayans have their own unique charm, making it difficult to choose between them.

✨What is the history of Himalayans?

Earlier, it was noted that the appearance of the Himalayan breed is comparable to that of the Persian and Siamese cats, due to its historical background.

The creation of the Himalayan was aimed to encompass the desirable traits of both the Persian and Siamese breeds. The development of the breed took a considerable amount of time, as breeders in countries such as England and America underwent a series of trial and error processes. Over time, the breed became increasingly similar in appearance to the Persian cat.

The current design of the Himalayan encompasses the luxurious coat of the Persian and the distinct points of the Siamese. The name, however, is believed to have been derived from the Himalayan rabbit, as the color of the points is similar to the hue of the rabbit. Hence, it is referred to as the “Himalayan.”

✨What is the personality of a Himalayan cat?

Himalayans, which have a resemblance to Persian and Siamese cats, possess a lovely and graceful appearance. What are their characteristics in terms of personality?

❂ Laid-back

It has been observed that Himalayans possess a very relaxed and easy-going personality. They are also very gentle, which results in their laid-back demeanor that appears to spend each day leisurely.

Due to their personality of being able to spend time calmly even when alone, they can be easily taken care of.

❂ Energetic at times

They generally live at their own pace, but they are not devoid of the hunting instincts like other cats. Once their curiosity is piqued, they can also be energetic.

When invited by the owner to “play,” they seem to happily participate. Particularly when they are drawn to intriguing toys, they will brighten their eyes and engage in play together.

However, their curiosity does not endure for long and when they become tired, they stop playing and move to another location, maintaining their laid-back personality.

❂ Easily Trained

Himalayans are highly intelligent cats. They possess a calm personality that obediently follows the instructions of the owner, making them known to be cats that are easily trained. Due to their ease of training, they are ideal for those who are “new to cat breeding.” There is nothing particularly challenging about their care.

❂ Traits of a Pampered Cat

They hold a deep love for their owner and sometimes display their affection by snuggling close to them. If you appreciate free-spirited cats but also desire a cat that will cuddle with you at times, this may be the ideal personality for you.

✨What is the price of a Himalayan?

❂The Cost of Acquiring a Himalayan Kitten

As one becomes more familiar with the characteristics of Himalayans, their charming appearance and gentle nature may stir the desire to possess one.

Thus, the cost of acquiring a Himalayan kitten can be a factor to consider. Some individuals seek to obtain one at a lower cost, taking into account the expenses of its upkeep, while others are willing to pay a higher price for a well-bred Himalayan.

There are several options for purchasing a Himalayan, such as pet stores and breeders, with prices ranging from $1,000 to $3,000. The cost can vary based on factors such as appearance and color.

❂About the color of Himalayans

The base color of Himalayans is typically white, with distinctive point colors, such as blue point, cream point, chocolate point, seal point, lilac point, and tortie point, appearing on their face, ears, and feet. The appearance of the face can greatly vary based on the color, and the price of the animal also varies based on the color and pedigree.

A Himalayan kitten with a good bloodline can cost as much as $2,700, whereas a kitten without a special pedigree can be purchased for a lower price, averaging around $1,800. It may be challenging to find Himalayans in pet shops in Japan, and it is recommended to purchase from a specialized breeder, as the price can vary.

When purchasing a Himalayan, it is important to consider the animal’s personality and characteristics, and to welcome it as a family member with love and knowledge. It should not be based solely on whether the price is cheap or expensive.

✨Points to be careful when keeping Himalayans

Himalayans are known to be gentle cats and are easy to keep. However, there are a few things to be aware of in keeping them to live happily.

❂Brushing is important in maintaining the glossy long hair of a Himalayan

The Himalayan’s long and shiny hair, which is one of its defining features, needs to be carefully brushed by its caregiver.

It is recommended to brush it twice a day, but if that’s not possible, make sure to brush it once a day at minimum.

Cats take care of their hygiene by grooming themselves. If the shed hair is not removed, the cat may unintentionally swallow it, leading to the formation of a “hairball” in its stomach. This can cause the hairball to grow larger and in severe cases, surgery may be needed to remove it.

Therefore, brushing the Himalayan is crucial not only for preserving its appearance, but also for its overall health. During seasons where excessive shedding occurs, it is important to brush it more frequently.

❂Take care of obesity by considering the nutritional balance

The Himalayan breed is known for being tranquil and composed. While this sedentary behavior may cause concern for their lack of physical activity, it is important to note that they are content with minimal exercise. However, when they are in the mood to play, it is important to engage with them as they have a tendency to quickly become bored. To prevent boredom, it is recommended to have playthings such as cat towers or toys readily available.

In regards to physical activity, it is best to let the Himalayan move at their own pace, but as their caretaker, it is important to monitor their diet. The intake of calories and amount of food should be monitored to prevent overeating, which can lead to obesity and increase the risk of illness. If their weight begins to increase, consider switching to a weight management food or finding alternative ways to maintain their health.

❂ How to take care of a Himalayan cat in a neat and tidy way

The attractive long hair of Himalayans requires regular brushing, but shedding is an unavoidable aspect of their appearance. Careful cleaning is necessary to maintain their appearance, as the long hair can fall onto carpets or flooring. It is recommended to use a vacuum cleaner or mop to remove any hair from the surfaces.

Cats in general have a preference for cleanliness, and this includes maintaining clean surroundings such as the litter box. A dirty litter box can prevent them from using it for elimination, leading to unsightly behavior in other areas.

Regular cleaning, in addition to frequent brushing, is crucial for the comfort and well-being of the Himalayan. The owner’s care and consideration is essential in ensuring that the cat lives comfortably.

✨What is the lifespan of a Himalayan cat, and what kind of diseases are they susceptible to?

Before making the decision to bring a Himalayan cat into your life, discussing their lifespan may be a source of sadness.

However, it is crucial to understand their lifespan and any potential health concerns as a responsible pet owner. Knowing about any potential diseases to watch for and how to properly manage their health is crucial.

❂ Himalayan Cat Lifespan

The average lifespan of a Himalayan cat is estimated to be between 14 to 16 years. This is just an average, and with proper care, they may live even longer.

As the owner, it is important to ensure the cat’s health is properly managed. This includes attention to their diet and weight, but also avoiding loneliness and stress. Even with a busy lifestyle, it is necessary to provide proper care for the Himalayan.

❂ Himalayan Cats and Health Concerns

Himalayan cats with short noses are prone to developing tear duct problems. Their short tear ducts can cause tears to overflow from their eyes, increasing the risk of eye infections and eye diseases.

If left untreated, this condition can worsen, so it is crucial to seek the advice of a veterinary hospital as soon as possible.


Himalayans are known for their relaxed and tranquil demeanor. They possess a charming and adorable short and rounded nose. If you reside with them, they will bring peace to your heart.

Furthermore, their quiet nature makes them suitable for apartment living as they do not meow excessively. They require minimal exercise and are easily trainable, making them a great option for those considering getting their first cat.

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